The fight is real.  The fight is for souls.  Between Good and Evil.  Right and Wrong.  At TrueManhood, we fight back.

We work hard towards these three main areas:

  1. Fighting Cultural Manliness.  Cultural manliness is what society tells males they should be… and that the more power, money, sex, and stuff a male has, the more manly he is.  This is false, this is a blatant lie, this is the devil’s work.
  2. Fighting Pornography.  Pornography is destroying men, women, and children, as well as the family unit, relationships, employment, recreation, schooling, and more.  We must put an end to this grave evil.
  3. Teaching Virtue.  Virtue is the guide for manliness.  Christ Jesus is the example we want to follow.  Simple.  Live Virtue.
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