Finding Peace and Healing

Dear Female Readers,

There is a devastating reality that many of you ladies reading this have incredibly deep and painful wounds from men.  Whether it be a past boyfriend, your spouse, or your father, you need peace and healing.  Please know that I don’t pretend to understand your wounds, I never could.  [I know that I am guilty of causing wounds in my past, I pray that the women I hurt will forgive me.]  I pray that this site gives you hope – the hope that there are actually men out there that aren’t self-centered, sex-driven, abusive jerks.  I pray too, that the men in your life become open to changing and to getting better.  I’m proof that change can happen.

An important thing to remember (for everyone, not just women) is that we must find our worth in God alone.  If we attempt to find our worth in things, or compliments, or friends, or accomplishments, etc. we will continue to feel empty inside.  We will continue to be without peace.  Peace comes from God alone.  Know that you are His wonderful creation and that He loves you and will never forsake you.

It’s important to know that you are worth nothing but the best.  Never settle.

If you are in a relationship and your man doesn’t treat you with the utmost respect, and doesn’t cherish you, and doesn’t really love you, and doesn’t set a good example for the kids or others, you need to demand better.  You are too precious and too special to allow a man to ruin your life, to be abusive, to take others down.  Challenge him, and if necessary, protect yourself (and your children) and leave the situation for safety.  You should never have to live scared.

Take your pain and sorrows to the Foot of the Cross and allow Christ to remove the pain.

For the women out there that have wonderful relationships with the men in their lives, namely their husbands and fathers, I challenge you to be light and hope to the women in your life that need peace and healing.  Be a source of strength for them.

I want to know your thoughts on this site, because it isn’t just for men, it’s for women too.  Your feedback helps me make it the best it can be.  Thanks for reading, thanks for stopping by.

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