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Dave DiNuzzo Sr. is currently booking dates to speak at conferences, parishes, college campuses, and retreats.  He has been speaking to crowds of all different sizes and kinds, spreading the message of Jesus Christ, since he was a teenager.  As a Catholic husband and father of 4, Dave utilizes his experiences as a speaker, Theology teacher, Author, Blogger, Podcaster, Radio host, and retreat master to bring audiences along through catechetical topics while infusing stories, inspiration, and real life into his talks.  He wants to invigorate your group in a deep and authentic way.  Contact him today!

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What We Do

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From the beginning of TrueManhood Men’s Ministry in 2008, the purpose has been the same… to 1. Fight Pornography, 2. Fight “Cultural Manliness” (the idea that the world sells about what “being manly” is all about, and 3. Teach Virtue.  Virtue is the key to the Christian life, and when we strive to grow in virtue, we “become like God”, as we read in the Catechism paragraph 1803.  Males (and females) are being bombarded with information about what masculinity is, and the vast majority of this info is dead wrong!

At TrueManhood, our goal is to help men stuck in addictions to pornography and masturbation out of those addictions, while challenging their ideas, concepts, and actions related to authentic masculinity, while giving men a real, tangible, and applicable approach to implementing virtue in their lives.

Come on this journey with us!  We want you.  We need you.  We want to help.  TrueMan up!

TrueManhood Podcast

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The TrueManhood Podcast is coming soon!

Tools and Resources

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TrueManhood Men’s Ministry offers various tools and resources for men.  If you don’t see something on this site, but are curious if we have anything for you, please ask.  Find us on social media, or email us at

Regarding pornography addiction: There are numerous resources available for men (and women) who have addictions to pornography.  The essential element in dealing with an addiction is that the FIRST STEP towards recovery takes place.  The next important step is the continual work.  The journey is long and hard but the freedom that comes from breaking the chains of an addiction to pornography is almost overwhelming.  I highly recommend checking out TrueManhood’s Guide called “5 Step Plan” and then determine what sort of resource(s) you need to make your plan effective.  Here are just a few ideas, and a few resources.

Click Here for the PDF

  • Serious prayer and a life full of the Sacraments!
  • Your PLAN is essential, figure out what it needs to be, then put it into action.
  • Accountability with your accountability partner.  This person needs to be a man and should not be your female friend, sister, girlfriend, fiancée, or wife.
  • Spiritual Direction with a priest.  I recommend seeing a priest regularly so that you can obtain necessary graces from the Sacrament of Reconciliation.
  • Sexaholics Anonymous – check your local area for locations and times.
  • Counseling/Coaching (Email us at for more information.)  Group Counseling may be a good option as well.
  • Support Groups/Men’s Groups
  • Books, Prayer Guides, DVDs, CDs, Podcasts, Websites, etc.
  • Internet filters, software and firewalls.

TM Covenant Eyes AffiliateI also highly recommend installing Covenant Eyes on all of your devices (including each and every device you have access to).  For a reasonable monthly fee, Covenant Eyes offers accountability and filtering.  Click HERE to receive a free month of Covenant Eyes.

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Covenant Eyes – Protect Yourself & Family

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TrueManhood Men’s Ministry has teamed up with Covenant Eyes to bring you and yours important accountability and filtering software protection for your electronic devices.  Today is the day – start protecting yourself now.

Click this link to receive your first month free.

Covenant Eyes provides not only a filtering service, but also accountability for the user.  For any man working on personal growth, accountability is essential.  This software not only protects you from what you see and come across online, but also sends a list of all sites and content viewed while online to your accountability partner.  (Your closest friend, your spouse, whomever.  Hey, you could send it to your grandma if that’ll help you stay pure!)  Covenant Eyes can track across a wide variety of devices and operating systems, with many more to come.  For more info on this product, check out

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